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Fakepixel Rules

Hey there! To make your and other players' game comfortable, we ask everyone to follow our rules. You can read all of them on this page. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the SkyBlock Rules!
Reporting SkyBlock Bugs 
Reporting bugs to our team allows us to fix and improve the gameplay experience around the network. Please include as much information and detail as possible when reporting exploits and bugs so that our team is able to understand and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Allowed AFK Methods 
Allowed AFK (Away From Keyboard) methods can be used on your private or co-op island(s) within an active and open window of Minecraft. Allowed methods include standing still or using an AFK pool. Disallowed AFK Methods Disallowed methods include but are not limited to using glitches (examples: F11, alt+tab), modifications, bugs, third-party software, hardware, or objects such as tape or rocks. Players found collecting experience, items, or coins using disallowed methods will be punished.
Dishonest transactions causing one player to lose items, coins, or other things of value. To avoid being scammed, carefully check item descriptions on trades or auctions and ensure you trust others you interact with. Please stay informed and be wary of other players to ensure you are not tricked into losing your profile, items, or coins. By accepting a trade, players are responsible for the outcome. Lost profiles, items, or coins cannot be replaced or reimbursed. If the player is scamming, we ask that you report them using /report and select Chat Abuse for the appropriate chat.
Boosting and Abusive Trading 
We acknowledge that players have completed a lot of work for their islands and allow items to be moved from a profile no longer in use for themselves on a new profile. Trading across profiles is allowed as long as it is not abusive and does not boost profiles with specific materials, items, or coins.
Abusive trading:
 - using profile(s) to continuously transfer coins, items, or materials to another profile(s). Each game is unique, we do not allow items or currency to be traded between them.
- IRL or third-party trading - Trading game content, items, currency, services, or accounts via third-party websites, or external/outside game trading.
Bug Abusing
Using bugs to earn profit for themselves by using some not normally working things. Players who get caught using bugs will be temporarily banned from network.
SkyBlock Duping
Using modified clients, exploit or bug to duplicate items to earn profit. Players who get caught will be permanently banned from network and their profile will be wiped.
Fakepixel Chat Rules


1. Social Media Advertising:

If a player is advertising their social sites and their videos/photos and there, without having [YOUTUBErank. Counts even if the message doesn’t have a link.

Eg:- “Guys visit my YouTube channel for ranks and giveaway!” OR
“Visit my Socials by clicking this link xyz.com!”

These kinds of messages can lead to a MUTE up to 3 days based on the intensity of the messages you send.

2. Swearing:-
This is a word that is bypassing the filter and may cause offence to

other players.
“Fucking Idiot”,”Piece of Shit”,”Motherfucker”, etc.

Usage of these kinds of words in the chat may lead to a MUTE, that can range from 1 hour to even 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) on the basis of the severity and frequency of the words used.


3. Trolling:-

This is where players will either trick or mislead another player into doing actions that negatively affect their gameplay or experiences on the server

Eg:- “Do alt + f4 for a secret game feature!

Indulging in these kinds of acts can lead to a MUTE ranging from 30 minutes to 3 days based on the severity.

4. Spamming:-

This is when the player sends the same message 3 or more times in a minute. This is also applicable if all the statements have different wording and same meaning.

Eg:-[HELPER]DarkGladiator_26:-Buy my ah quick! [HELPER]DarkGladiator_26:-Buy my ah quick! [HELPER]DarkGladiator_26:-Buy my ah quick!”

Eg:- [HELPER]DarkGladiator_26:- I like sushi! [HELPER]DarkGladiator_26:- I love eating sushi! [HELPER]DarkGladiator_26:- Sushi is my favorite food!”

Spamming in the chat by the players can lead to MUTE ranging from 30 minutes to 3 days depending on the intensity of spamming.


5. Discrimination:-
This is where a player is targeting a certain group of people due to

color, religion, ethnicity or beliefs. Eg:- “I love racism.”

These kinds of acts can lead to a MUTE ranging from 3 hours to 15 days (about 2 weeks) on the basis of the intensity or severity of the statement is.

6. Begging:-
This is when the players are asking others to personally tip them with

in-game money or items and ranks.
“Please give me rank I am a new player.” Eg:-It's my birthday give me some items for free.” Eg:-”Please give me VIP rank for free.”

In these kinds of cases, the player Begging” will be MUTED for a period ranging from 10 minutes to 3 hours based on how harsh the player is.

7. Verbal abuse, Death threats, DDOS threats:-


Player’s telling someone to do something that would lead to their death in real life,
DDOS their internet or when they threaten to kill another player in real life.

Eg:- “I hope you die soon!” Eg:- “I am gonna DDOS you today.”

Players indulging in these kinds of acts will be MUTED for a period ranging from 7 days (A week) to 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks).

8. Political Talks:-
Players having a political talk and argue over it.

Eg:- “Joe Biden is the worst President ever!”
Players found doing these activities are liable for MUTE for 1 hour.


1. Scamming:-
Players scamming other players, misleading them and stealing


Eg:-”[VIP]Player1:I’ll buy you VIP for 50mil. Player2:-(Gives 50mil)

[VIP]Player1:- Lol, bye!”
Players found indulging in these kinds of acts will be BANNED from the

server FOREVER. 2. IP or Domain Advertising:-

When player’s message consists of a link to another server’s IP address or domain of another server

Eg:- “Join my SMP guys IP:totallynotscamsmp.com”
Player doing these kind of acts will be BANNED on the server FOREVER.

3. Staff Disrespect:-
When the player is insulting or cursing the staff memebers on the chat.

Eg:- “Yo DarkGladiator, you suck at your work, who even made you a staff member.”

Players indulging in these kind of acts will be TEMPORARY BANNED on the server for 20 DAYS

Fakepixel Game Rules


1. Don’t use cheats or any other Unfair Advantage to win against your Opponent.
2. Do not use Alt to boost your stats. Ex: Kills in Sumo, Victories in UHC.
3. Don’t Harass anyone In-game over a loss.
4. Don’t Blackmail any Player for losing the game.
5. Don’t DDOS Threat any Player for losing the game.
6. Don’t Death Threat any Player for losing the game.
7. Please respect everyone with love and kindness.



1. Don’t Cheat or any other Unfair Advantage to win In the Bedwars Match.
2. Don’t Abuse Bugs to win the match
3. Don’t Cross-Team with Others Players, It’s unfair for others to play the game
4. Do not Death Threat any Player for losing the game.
5. Don’t create Inappropriate builds, during match.
6. Don’t share your account with multiple people to get on Leaderboard.
7. Don’t use Inappropriate Content. Such as: Skins, Username and Capes.
8. Don’t DDOS Threat any Player for losing the game.
9. Don’t Blackmail any Player for losing the game.
10. Please respect everyone with love and kindness.



1. Don’t Cross-Team with Others Players, It’s unfair for others to play the game.
2. Don’t Cheat or any other Unfair Advantage, to win In the Skywars Match.
3. Don’t Abuse Bugs to win the match.
4. Don’t Death Threat any Player for losing the game.
5. Don’t create Inappropriate builds, during match.
6. Don’t share your account with multiple people to get on Leaderboard.
7. Don’t DDOS Threat any Player for losing the game.
8. Don’t Blackmail any Player for losing the game.
9. Don’t use Inappropriate Content. Such as: Skins, Username and Capes.
10. Please respect everyone with love and kindness.