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rustless Default
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Registered:7 months ago
Last Seen:3 months ago
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its very bad

this guy is using slurs 7 months ago
  1. james
  2. 15
  3. australia gmt+8
  4. rustless
  5. rustless43
  6. 7 years
  7. 7 months
  8. no
  9. no
  10. no
  11. weekdays
  12. 2-6 hours a day
  13. yes i have i was selling an item and i accidently spammed and was muted
  14. hitting HOTM 5 and getting my First 100m
  15. i accidently salvaged my superior boots and i needed them back so i made new ones From scratch
  16. piano, cooking, board games.
  17. no
  18. yes 
  19. i dont know about the team speak but i would ask one oF the players whose msging me to message me in 5 mins because i am with someone else right now and then deal with the First player.
  20. yes i am really good at recognising scams and tricks

my helper appplication 7 months ago
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