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Manuelbobl ADMIN BT MVP++ MVP+ Default
dhruv23456789 6 days ago
Respected sir, I am a new player on fakepixel skyblock. I regularly play skyblock without breaking any rule. On date 18/9/2023 a player named Admin_ineedhelp visited my skyblock for no reason. He asked me to be my friend I started searching that how to add him in my friend list. Then he say give me coop then i will be in your friend list. I gave him coop then he started to destroy my island and killed me many times with lava bucket. Then I forced him to leave my island he say give me full mineral armour. I gave him then he left me. But his name is in my coop list. Sir you are requested to remove him from my coop list and if posibble refund my mineral armour. Thanks.
Shodeblade 6 days ago
When I logged in my fakepixel account, I found all the stats, skills, items and collections that I've got in the past 2 weeks(approximately) are gone and now my account is like 2 weeks ago, the only things remains unchanged after this bug are the coins I leave in the bank, my minions, autions and just everything I leave on my island( including items in the chest as well). I dont know how this happened and I've never seen something like this before. Is there any way for me to get back the items I have? Because I grinded so hard to get them, especially in the past 3 days I grinded insanely.
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