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Galavan BT VIP Default
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Registered:11 days ago
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Beta Tester Application 12 hours ago


Player named duperblooper told me that he found a dupe. So i went to check and he said his old id was gone and hes taking revenge. I think he managed to dupe because i gave him a random item and it multiplied. He had a 30 min old profile with nothing. So he couldn't have done anything else.His duping was by using chest.




Duper 22 hours ago
  1. Your IGN-Galavan
  2. Description of the bug-In the daily experiment table, after one mini game is done there is an option to cancel the reward and redo it again. But when we click that it still give us completion and no redo.
  3. How to repeat this bug? Describe every action we need to do.
  4. Screenshot/video of the bug

Experiment table bug 1 day ago
  1. Your name-Galavan
  2. Your age-14
  3. Your country & timezone-India(GMT+5:30)
  4. Your IGN-Galavan
  5. Your Discord-drxco_xd
  6. For how long have you been playing on Fakepixel?-More than 7 months and 700 hours of playtime
  7. Do you have the ability to record Minecraft video?-Yes
  8. Please include minimum 2 links of your reported bugs on Fakepixel Forum (ex. link | level (low-meduimhigh))
  9. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/598-hegemony-artifact-bug/
  10. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/593-invisible-player-in-dungeon/
  11. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/571-beastmaster-crest-bug/
  12. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/540-slayer-weapons-bugged-/
  13. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/419-dungeon-room-clearance-bug-/
  14. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/374-stonk-bug/
  15. https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/372-sven-packmaster-bug/
  16. Are you multilingual?-Yes
  17. Where are you most active on the Fakepixel Network?-Skyblock
  18. What's the main goal of your applying?-Testing out new features and finding more bugs
  19. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.-No, I have never been banned in any server.
  20. Anything else we should know?-Im very fluent in english and i spend most of my free time in this server. I want to help the community have a better time playing.
  21. Thank you for reading :D

BT application 3 days ago

Your IGN-Galavan

Description of the bug-Hegemony artifact doesnt give the amount of magical power it said it would. It is supposed to give 44 because of its perk,but only gives 22

How to repeat this bug? Describe every action we need to do.

Screenshot/video of the bug

With hegemony in accessory bag

Without hegemony in accessory bag

Hegemony artifact bug 3 days ago
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