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Its like always Aatrox and Paul people will never vote marina or any other mayor people are so dumb that they can even vote 0 perk aatrox over 3 perked marina

Tired Mayor about 1 hour ago

I had a sorrow on ah that sold for 2m coins. it sold when i was offline on logging in i was at dwarven mines claimed my 2m and was just ming there then when i went to my island it said You Received Sorrow as a refund! and You Received -20000000 as a refund! i lost my 2m coins but i didnt got my sorrow back in my inventory. am i supposed to do something to claim that refund?

Item Disappeared 1 day ago

Its not a bug kid just some dudes manipulating Experience bottles prices in hypixel

EXP bottle bug in bazaar 1 day ago

So should i do blaze minions? or you have any other recommendations?

Best Minion in Fakepixel 2 days ago

I have Snow minions currently on but i have reached mining 60 already so i want to change my minions. I want minions that give good money aswell as some skill xp i am thinking of doing blaze minions cuz i am just combat 45 and it also makes money i have heard so do i do blaze minion or any other minions? and if blaze which tier should i go for? i am going to put 12 minions

Best Minion in Fakepixel 2 days ago
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