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Declined Unban appeal
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sunny4342 Default
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5 days ago

Hello staff my id has been banned forever for scamming someone gave me his superior armor boots and leggings to dungeonized it for 1m when he trade with me i left the server and scammed him i apologize to him and he is agreed to unban me for superior set and 10m please unban i also make videos on fakepixel i was hitting 500 subs then my account ban i dont have any other account to play with  i was playing fakepixel since very long time pls dont ban my account please unban it or ban for 30 days pls dont ban my account Forever Pls

My ign OPMelon69 

Thank You

Last edited: 5 days ago
Manuelbobl ADMIN Default
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5 days ago


Yooo welcome back forum!