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Declined Someone Scammed Me
Topic Locked
DanteTheDictator Default
6 posts
5 topics
6 days ago

So, I was playing skyblock then I traded a player a Aspect Of The dragons but he said he will give me money the next day. The next day..........

He was in my lobby and I asked him wheres my coins? He said shut the f**k up you sh*t. So, I just lost a maxed aspect of the dragons and 11 million coins. I really need my money or my weapon back. Also I need to be appealed from that FALSE BAN topic I made. - DanteTheDictator.

Yours Sincerely, Dante.

Last edited: 4 days ago
clienterr HELPER BT VIP Default
17 posts
2 topics
6 days ago

Please send proof!

#1 Duels player

Manuelbobl ADMIN BT MVP++ MVP+ Default
45 posts
0 topics
5 days ago

You have more 16h to send proofs

Yooo welcome back forum!

SageFawn8931716 GAME MASTER BT MVP+ Default
9 posts
0 topics
4 days ago


The report has been closed and declined due to the user's lack of response.

Last edited: 4 days ago