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Accepted Someone in my friend list scammed me i have proofs ban him
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X_MafiaxKG_X Default
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7 days ago

my ign - X_MafiaxKG_X

scammer ign - cchethanm

this guy cchethanm was my friend he was in my friend list one day he asked for my ofa emblade to test dmg. he was my friend so i gave it to him then he removed me from my friend list and logged off he also destroyed my island because he is in my co-op i have logs files as proofs read them conversation between me and cchethanm from 17:05:13 in 17:05:52 he said that he will give it back but he didnt i want my emerald blade back

at 17:09:45 he removed me as friend and logged off pls help

if you want more detailed info dm me on dc - MafiaxKG#4368


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clienterr HELPER BT VIP Default
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7 days ago

Thanks for reporting!

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