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Danielouse MAIN ADMIN Default
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18 days ago

Hey! In this section you can apply for the Beta Tester rank in-game.

Before applying make sure you're meeting these requirements:

  • you're 14 years old or older;
  • 300+ hours of playtime on Fakepixel;
  • 2 reported high-level bugs or 7 reported bugs with any level in total

Create a new post and fill the form below:

  1. Your name
  2. Your age
  3. Your country & timezone
  4. Your IGN
  5. Your Discord
  6. For how long have you been playing on Fakepixel?
  7. Do you have the ability to record Minecraft video?
  8. Please include minimum 2 links of your reported bugs on Fakepixel Forum (ex. link | level (low-meduim-high))
  9. Are you multilingual?
  10. Where are you most active on the Fakepixel Network?
  11. What's the main goal of your applying?
  12. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.
  13. Anything else we should know?

What happens after I post an application? How long does it take to get a response? 

After your application has been posted it is looked at by a member of the Applications Team. Successful applications will receive the message from the High Staff.

If I got declined, can I try again?
Sure! You can reapply every 4 weeks (1 month) after you got declined. Please avoid creating posts here if you were recently declined and 1 month still hasn't passed.

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