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Information Fakepixel Store Update 🏪
Danielo CO-OWNER SPECIAL Default
1305 posts
21 topics
11 days ago

Great news! 🎉

We've successfully updated our Worldwide and Russian stores.
Now it's even easier to buy a product on Fakepixel! We made them more convenient and more beautiful to make it pleasant for you to look at them.

Also, we've added a 30% discount on our Worldwide store and there's a 30OFF coupon for the Russian store which also gives 30% discount for all the users.

Check them out:

World: https://world.fakepixel.shop/
Russia: https://fakepixel.shop/

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make your world better

PinkyVanes VIP Default
120 posts
15 topics
11 days ago

Nice Update :)

Why am i here. Hope this will be my last day in here, soon.

ClassyCoder Default
6 posts
2 topics
11 days ago

Cobalt is too good for webstore and website. But you should use XenForo for forums.