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Information 🤝 Silent Client Partnership
Danielo CO-OWNER SPECIAL Default
1305 posts
21 topics
about 1 month ago

Have you ever heard of a client, which has lots of useful modifications and customizations? Here it is: welcome Silent Client on the board!

Silent Client is a launcher for Minecraft with tons of mods, FPS Boost and stylish cosmetics! Using several FPS boosting techniques, this client boosts your FPS by a huge amount. In most cases users will see their FPS double.

Silent Client is compatible with any server that supports the vanilla game! Meaning that as long as the version you are playing on is supported, you are always able to connect, including Fakepixel Network for sure.

There's a gift for those who download this client: play 12 hours on Fakepixel Network using the Silent Client then enter the /silentcape command and get a SPECIAL FAKEPIXEL cape for free!



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make your world better

ClassyCoder Default
6 posts
2 topics
about 1 month ago

It's a good collab.

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