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What do you want in the next update? (Not skyblock)
clienterr HELPER BT VIP Default
17 posts
2 topics
14 days ago

Bedwars practice mode like (Tnt jump & fireball)

btw we already made it, but not added


#1 Duels player

PinkyVanes MOD BT VIP
107 posts
12 topics
13 days ago

Murder Mystery

Status-es for it: https://fakepixel.fun/forum/topic/11-murder-mystery-update/

3rd In Duels Victories Leaderboard 🥉

8th In Duels Kills Leaderboard 🎉

nolan3423 VIP Default
11 posts
6 topics
12 days ago

The pit

nolan3423 VIP Default
11 posts
6 topics
12 days ago

The pit or arcade games


NotKael Default
11 posts
2 topics
12 days ago

Housing :3

I wanna make simulators if you know how to add what housing in Hypixel has :3


Tournaments for Bedwars, Skywars and Duels?

Monthly there would be tournaments for example be top 10, top 5, top 3 and top 1 in kills, bed broken, wins ig to get a special cosmetic thing? such as status or housing cosmetics ;) 

(i really want housing to be here)


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tle_phoenix VIP Default
2 posts
1 topics
11 days ago

add  /networth command 


triet4789 Default
25 posts
3 topics
5 days ago

no more sticky menu :/ , im tired of seeing da icon didnt register right away and just got yeet'ed into da floor

P/S: not rly yeet into da floor but u get da idea, unless we need sticky menu to avoid bug abuser i guess :/

Last edited: 5 days ago

As a wise man once said: "Get goog at da game, dont beg in da game"

-Sun Tzu, The art of war-