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Moderation Information and Changes
In this forum, you can find information about how to apply for the Staff Team, learn more about staff and moderation related updates, and provide feedback on certain changes.
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News and Announcements
Important announcements regarding the network are posted in this forum. If you click the "Watch" button in this forum you can be alerted whenever a new announcement is posted!
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Report Rule Breakers
Click here to learn how to report players that are breaking the rules on the Fakepixel server, forums, and Discord. Please note that we cannot accept player evidence or direct reports.
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clienterr2 days ago

Punishment Appeals
Here you can submit an appeal for a server ban or mute, or for a forum warning. Please read the pinned thread for more information.
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Server Bug Reports
Found a bug? Submit a bug report for any glitches or issues that you come across while enjoying the Fakepixel network.
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Visit bug?
NotMilanWarrior5 hours ago

Fakepixel Server Discussion
Here you can discuss any general topics relating to the Fakepixel Network! You can also find some useful information in the pinned threads, which we encourage you to read through.
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Ideas and Feedback
This forum is the perfect place to post all of your ideas, suggestions, and feedback about Fakepixel games or various aspects of the network. Please be sure to use the relevant thread prefix when creating a thread.
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rusty npc
legenda23373 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to the forums! Whether you're a veteran or a new player, this section of the forums is a great place to introduce yourself and meet other players!
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